Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Babe Ruth

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mbucher10 said...

Dear Dave,
This is my first visit to your site (it was recommended by a friend) and as I see it, it won't be mt last as it is creatively FANTASTIC!!! I love your section on character birthday's!!! I thought it would be funny to see what the character Babe Ruth and Heather Graham would look like together as a couple!! I have no idea why but I think Babe Ruth would have loved her!!! It would be an outrageous idea to put 2 random people as characters together (present or past) to form one bizarre and funny couple!! Too funny, I would check it out!! Anyway thanks for the laughs its a great site and best of luck. I will definitely be passing it on with a **** ( 4 star) rating!!
Mary B.